Inside the box

#EEXpat II, Day 9 – Thinking. Inside the box. Because of the idea for „war“ I was searching for a box several days. And on this day I finally found one where the big fresnel manifying lens fitted into the front side. It hasn’t been far away all the time. Then I implemented the idea below at first and never went on to the original one.

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Videofeedback Type 1

#EEXpat I, Day 20 – Videofeedback (another). Playing with the Feedback Installation Type 1 and recorded everything. The challenge here is that the videosignal is neither stable nor strong. and most of the common capture cards will blueback because they think they’ve lost it. I first converted with a cross-scaler and then captured via DVI/FullHD.

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The Bomb

#EEXpat I Day 17 – The Bomb. An audiovisual outdoor installation with audioreactive Pixel-LED stripes, Videomapping, a Cylinder Hat and a Big Red Button. The Music is a piece from ‚The Cromatics‘.

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#EEXpat Day 11 – Flashback. Today I have built an improvised mini-studio from a desk with aluminium foil. In front of it a TV magnifying glass for the special effects. There is a slave flash in the box that fires when a photo of the subject is taken with a flash from the front. It is supposed to support the illumination of the image, but used the other way around it interferes with the ability to be captured by cameras. There was another outcome, which you can see in animation.

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#EEXpat I on day 10 – Distortions (of the self). Think of each of them as separate distorting mirrors in a magic cabinet. I always wanted to develop things like these as simple interactive eye catchers to play with.

Video Feedback Type 2

#EEXpat I, Day 8 – Video Feedback Installation Type 2, which behaved as it should from the beginning. This is an example of a minimal visual instrument, played through ‚magic‘ gestures looking similar as known from a theremin, for example. As the videosignal can be easily forked, it can be nowadays also a source for further mixing and integration into a bigger visual setup and performance.

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Room object visuals

#EEXpat I, Day 6 – projection mapping on a floor lamp with paper shade (not from IKEA). Today it’s possible to adapt the projected visuals for curved and domed surfaces, like this rounded lamp design. And there is more space in the projection area to cover other room objects for decoratíon too.

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