Directly recieves and decodes the wireless transmissions from Fine Offset personal weather stations (and their many clones). Broadcast the messages as JSON through a websocket server for further integration. Plug and Play.

Hardware from the pool

  • The low-spec Raspberry Pi 1 Model B is more than enough for the task.
  • A Re-Used DVB-T Version 1 stick as Software defined radio.
  • Wire Antenna with the right length to receive signals at 868 MHz.
  • A clone of Fine Offset WH2900 Weather station on the roof. It measures Temp, Humidity, Pressure, Wind strength and direction, Rain, Solar power and UV-Index.


  • Raspberry Pi OS (console, headless)
  • custom bash script to bridge RTL433 and websocat
  • Autostart everything als systemd service

further Customization / Scalability

  • Do it with a Python script to additionally achieve Open Sound Control broadcast and/or a websocket server.
  • Network over Wifi