Custom: Environmental Data Server

Data for air quality, CO₂-Levels, VOC through the gas sensor and further measures of temp/humidty/pressure are available in the network for further integration. They can be obtained through a websocket server or as OSC messages. Ethernet or Wifi. Plug and Play.

Hardware from the pool

  • The low-spec Raspberry Pi 1 Model B is more than enough for the task.
  • Bosch BME 688 4-in-1 air quality sensor with AI
  • USB Wifi Dongle


  • Raspberry Pi OS console running headless (without desktop and display attached).
  • Custom python script for everything, which is automatically started as systemd service.
  • Libraries had to be compiled to integrate Bosch BSEC Software for the AI functionality.
  • The update interval is 3 seconds due to energy saving sensor readouts.
  • For the OSC and Wifi functionality a one-time manual setup is needed.
  • The sensor in the pic below receives heat from the Raspberry Pi and should be placed somewhere else of course.