Videofeedback Type 1

#EEXpat I, Day 20 – Videofeedback (another). Playing with the Feedback Installation Type 1 and recorded everything. The challenge here is that the videosignal is neither stable nor strong. and most of the common capture cards will blueback because they think they’ve lost it. I first converted with a cross-scaler and then captured via DVI/FullHD.

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Video Feedback Type 2

#EEXpat I, Day 8 – Video Feedback Installation Type 2, which behaved as it should from the beginning. This is an example of a minimal visual instrument, played through ‘magic’ gestures looking similar as known from a theremin, for example. As the videosignal can be easily forked, it can be nowadays also a source for further mixing and integration into a bigger visual setup and performance.

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