Tim Vis is a video artist and performer with Strava origins who grew up in Germany as Tim Oberstätter.

Despite of the mainstream technology, he also likes to use old equipment or explore the electronic devices available on site and combine them with the current usual to create unique digital art installations.

Tim Vis was born in 1975 and grew up in a Radio & TV shop. His experience that his father was a enthusiast hobby photographer and his mother beeing a seller of dance music might have lead him into live Visualism.

After finding his niche, he started VJing activities in 2005 and developed his own styles using the strange but powerful Textmachine3D VJ software to kind-of paint with light. Besides VJing, the first media installations were in 2006, then he organised his own VJ Festival in Heidelberg in 2009 and for the earlier years of B-Seite Festival in Mannheim, he was co-producer, serving as the technical manager. He has made several VJ Camps in Greece and offered technical support to other festivals of the network.

Right now I am into installations again. In 2020 I created the scalable SpellTime Alpha platform with distributed, but centrally controllable Raspberry PIs as players. It adds also a recording system with lighbox, which allows it to create the footage for it locally. From it, varieties emerge as adaptations to the wants and needs of a venue.