Custom: Sensor influenced visual

Any display shows a live visual, created with GLSL shaders, that is affected by the touch of a big mushroom shaped sensor. With the Raspberry Pi, the display can also be a cathode ray tube TV easily, not only HDMI.

Hardware from the pool

  • The low-spec Raspberry Pi 1 Model B is basically enough for the task.
  • But for more complex shaders the GPU power a Raspberry Pi 4 is recommended.
  • Adafruit MPR121 Touch Sensor Hat
  • A sensor built from a metal lampshade and a light light-tripod.


  • Raspberry Pi OS (console, headless)
  • custom compiled GLSL viewer with OSC server functionality
  • custom Python script to read the sensor values and broadcast as OSC messages in localhost.
  • selected GLSL shaders, adapted for OpenGL ES and and external variables from OSC messages.
  • Autostart everything als systemd service

further Customization / Scalability

  • A Python script that allows to change the displayed shaders with hardware buttons. More/other sensors. Better integration of the jumping sensor values into generative shaders for deeper understandment of interaction.