Mapping projection Loutraki Festivart

Recently a made a few mapping projections on the building “Beau Rivage” in the city of Loutraki (Greece) which hosted an exhibition which was nicely prepared and they have put a lot of work in.

I kicked in for the second part of the festival, and stayed a few evenings. The projections were done with two pojectors next to each other in a panorama setup. The visuals were created on site in a performance with my usual style. See a few captures below of the ongoing refinements.


Inside the box

#EEXpat II, Day 9 – Thinking. Inside the box. Because of the idea for “war” I was searching for a box several days. And on this day I finally found one where the big fresnel manifying lens fitted into the front side. It hasn’t been far away all the time. Then I implemented the idea below at first and never went on to the original one.

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#EEXpat Day 11 – Flashback. Today I have built an improvised mini-studio from a desk with aluminium foil. In front of it a TV magnifying glass for the special effects. There is a slave flash in the box that fires when a photo of the subject is taken with a flash from the front. It is supposed to support the illumination of the image, but used the other way around it interferes with the ability to be captured by cameras. There was another outcome, which you can see in animation.

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