#EEXpat II, Day 9 – Thinking. Inside the box. Because of the idea for “war” I was searching for a box several days. And on this day I finally found one where the big fresnel manifying lens fitted into the front side. It hasn’t been far away all the time. Then I implemented the idea below at first and never went on to the original one.

Indegriedients behind the lens:

  • 2 mirror plates 30×30 cm
  • 3 sheets of crumbeled aluminium foil
  • 1 IKEA GESTALTA wooden manikin on an improvised stand (actually sitting on a cut tube with its hole between the legs on top of a giant upright screw ~trés weird)

The light rays come from one meter led stripe, glued to the ceiling and forming loops along each wall. There are 144 individual pixels driven by a microphone equipped controller.