The Feedback-Table at the Lab2Art Korinthos opening party in action. On the display, visitors can manipulate the fluidal visuals freely with their hands. For a playful and tactile approach here, small metal balls are available to the surface, commonly used in ball bearings. They make the fault from which something grows in the loop. Anyone who deals with the object will find a way to influence visuals interactively. Since the camera is hanging above it, visitors can have their faces being part of the scene or play with personal things they carry with them.


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Penguin Box

#logue23, Day 5 – think it in the box. An AI-driven three-dimensional, hyper-individualistic imagination amplifier and personal echo chamber to make all your beliefs instantly tangible! Caution!!! Objects can arise spontaneously when not in use through vacuum-fluctuations. Cats may appear. If you hear something, never open!

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